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Welcome to my very bare bones website.  Since I know myself, I will not be able to allow this place to remain empty of content for long.  Be a little patient with me while I figure out what I want to do and then start adding stuff.  In the meantime, you’re probably here because you’ve either heard of or read my first book, The Most Popular Guy in the School: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover. This book is book one of a three book series. All three books are written and are at various stages of the editorial process with the editors of Harmony Ink Press.

This book was a labor of love to create, even though it is a “real” story that features some tough things forced upon the two main characters. I was determined that I wanted to contribute something positive to the gay young adult literature.  There is some, but there should be tons more.  There are a whole lot of gays, both young adult as well as older adult, out there and we should have just as much literature that we want to read as everyone else has. This book is my first contribution to that effort.


If you haven’t bought your copy of this book yet, please do so.  I wrote it for you.