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Blogs by Young GLBT Men I Admire

There are a couple of blogs I follow.  As a general rule I try to not follow too many because there are so many by friends and others of great interest.  If I read all of them I would never get anything else done. But, one that I follow and one guy I admire is Craig’s Gay Word.  Craig describes himself as follows: “I’m an openly gay Georgetown student, leadership fanatic, devoted athlete, philosophy enthusiast, and carboholic who is writing to prove that it doesn’t just get better… it gets great!” I love his positive message. He doesn’t write often but when he does its great.

Another that I’ve just recently discovered but have not checked out in detail yet is The Transpiration of Andrew.  On his About Me page he describes himself as: “I’m 17, a high school senior, a varsity swimmer and captain, active in church, have a bunch of great friends, I’m awful at writing specifically grammar, and I like a bunch of weird things . Oh and I’m gay. Although being gay is a single defining feature of who I am I don’t think people should just identify me as the gay guy. Thats why with this blog I wanna show you that I’m that swimmer guy or I’m that guy that is super sarcastic.”

A Guy Named Al is another new discovery. His description of himself:  “I’m a normal teenager with dreams of becoming a professional filmmaker.  Applying to college, hanging out with friends, dealing with nagging parents, and playing Skyrim for hours at a time are part of my everyday life.  I’m also struggling to come out to the people I love most.  This blog will narrate what’s going on in my life, and hopefully help me grow stronger and accept who I am.”

Another I like is Sam I Am: Being a Guy, Being Gay, Being a Teen, Being Me.  Sam describes himself as:  “’I’m Samuel, but my friends call me Sam. Nice to meet you. 17, male, junior in high school, athlete, swimmer, eater, writer…. you get where I’m coming from. This blog will be mostly my opinions on a lot of topics, especially ones relating to being an adolescent, being gay, and finding self-worth. I think I’m learning that the only way you can move forward and be happy in life is to just be honest…and be yourself.” Amen Sam!  Go forth and be yourself! You’re the only one who can do the job!

There are many, many more.  If you know of one, send me the info and I’ll add it to the list.



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4 comments on “Blogs by Young GLBT Men I Admire
  1. I just finished reading both books one and two of your series, The most Popular Guy in the School. I loved them. You capture all of the angst and the voice of young adult males very well. (I should know since I am high school English teacher. ) I loved them and can’t wait for the third. I think that this series will be my first review on my new M/M romance blog Squirrelly Romance. I’ll let you know when I’ve posted it.

    As for blogs, you might like 2boysinlove Matt and Brad are college students who met in HS, fell in love, and are chronicaling the ups and downs of their relationship to help other young couples.

    • Robbie says:


      Thank you so much for your message. I am so pleased that you found the first two books to be worth reading. Book One is heavily autobiographical. Book Three is finished and scheduled for publication on September 15th. The galley proof was finished and turned in last week and everything else is ready to go. In my view, Book Three is the strongest of the three. Thank you again for your words of encouragement. It is most appreciated. I’m in a work meeting all weekend so I needed the good news. Thanks.


    • Robbie says:

      One more quick note. When I saw the name of your blog, Squirrelly Romance, I thought I would mention that I just published another book with Dreamspinner Press. That book, Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees, is doing quite well and is currently # 1 on two different Bestseller lists. It is definitely for a more mature audience than my young adult fiction. I have always had a fondness for the little furry ones.


  2. I just bought Little Squirrels yesterday. It’s in my queue. I’ll probably have it read by Monday. I have to get as much reading in as I can before the school year begins.