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Review of Go West, Young Man

Rainbow Book Reviews has published a review of my second book, Go West, Young Man, the second book in my trilogy about The Most Popular Guy in the School.  For generations, American have believed in going west to find new beginnings.  Decade after decade people have followed the trails west, although not all of them find what they’re looking for when they get there.  In my second book, Go West, Young Man, my two main characters, Mark and Bill, head west, in their case to get settled and then to start their first semester of college at UCLA.  Little did they know that going west would bring them not just a new beginning, but new experiences that they never would have anticipated, not to mention new challenges to their young relationship.

The Rainbow Book Reviews article is so incredibly sweet and supportive and positive.  It makes me feel good.  These books will never make money.  They were not written to make money.  They were written to tell a very simple story:  there is something more.  It is an age-old story that we often completely overlook in the heat of the moment. It can be condensed into a single word:  hope.  No matter how dark the hour might appear at the moment, that is not all that there is – there is something more.  The brilliant John Goode had a few words on the subject of hope recently.  I’m going to write a separate post on that and shamelessly quote from him since the man is better able to put words together than most.



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