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A couple of months ago I agreed to speak with a local PFLAG LGBTQ youth group. At the time it was safely at a good distance.  But now, as it gets closer and closer, I’m starting to get anxious.  What can I possibly say to these folks that they would be interested in hearing?  I’m no longer their age.  Are we even going to be able to understand one another?  I hope so.

I’ve bought an assortment of YA books to take and give out to them, making sure to cover everything possible, including gay, lesbian, transgender, even an asexual novel.  And my own books, of course. Even though the event is still three weeks away, the box is packed and ready to go into the car.  I’ve checked Google maps. And I’m so freaking nervous. I’ve spoken in front of huge crowds before, but this one informal talk has me absolutely shaking in my boots (well, it would be, if I had any boots on right now).  I want to do well and give them something real to take away.

If I’m feeling this way now, I don’t want to think about what I’ll be like the night before the talk.

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