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About Me

My publisher’s bio for me is the following:

Robbie Michaels grew up in rural upstate New York, the same setting as the beginning of The Most Popular Guy books.  It was not always easy growing up thinking he was the only gay person in the world.  He felt like a stranger in a very strange land for most of those years, always having to act a part, play a role, until he later met other gay folks and found out that he was not alone.  He was teased and bullied when others suspected that he might be gay. But he survived those days and found that life does get better, even though at the time it sure didn’t seem possible.  He wants first and foremost to tell others to hang on and to have hope for a better tomorrow.  Life is a wonderful, marvelous thing to be embraced and celebrated. Don’t ever give up.  You are the only you there is.  You are not alone.  There are many, many, many others like you out there and some day you will meet them and together you will change the world in a wonderful, positive way.