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Go West, Young Man

The Most Popular Guy in the School, Book 2

Book 2 in The Most Popular Guy in the School is titled Go West Young Man.  As you might imagine, the movement westward is a key theme in this book, but before that, the guys have some more business to finish in New York. Bill shocks Mark when he invites him to go to the Senior Prom – as his date.  Mark is convinced that this is a horrible idea, but Bill is adamant that this could cost Bill too much.  But he relents and is shocked when he discovers that he and Bill will not be the only same sex couple in attendance at the Prom that night. When they show up obviously together and dance together, how will their peers, their friends, the administrators react?  Will there be anger?  Will anyone strike out?  When this book comes out, read the story and follow the guys as they head to California to start college.  They enter an entirely new world which includes them get jobs.  They meet people they never would have guessed that they would meet, and they struggle to keep things on an even keel.  Will their relationship survive?  If it survives, what form will it take?  Book 2, Go West Young Man, was published by Harmony Ink Press on August 14, 2012.

The phrase “go west, young man” was popularized by Horace Greeley, an American author who favored westward expansion.  While much of the settled eastern part of the country was still trying to recover from the Civil War, many people lived in poverty and unemployment was everywhere. Greeley’s advice was simple:  “Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.” At this point, no one seems to know definitively where the phrase first originated, but it has probable that it was first used by John  Soule in 1851 in an Indiana newspaper.

Here’s the final version of the cover art for the second book in The Most Popular Guy in the School:




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