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A Star is Born

The Most Popular Guy in the School, Book 3

Book 3 of The Most Popular Guy in the School series, titled A Star is Born, was published on  September 14, 2012, by Harmony Ink Press.  Gay men spend their entire lives, especially their early years, pretending to be something they are not, hiding what they really are because they know that the world doesn’t understand.  As a result, many gay men become extraordinary actors, able to convincingly portray characters and characteristics that are not their own.  This book follows the unexpected development of Bill’s acting career.  He didn’t seek it out but it found him by chance.  He put his college education on hold and gave the acting thing a try.  But will this different path from the one his boyfriend is on lead to unexpected pressures on their relationship? Stay turned to see what happens.

Here’s the final version of the cover for the third book in The Most Popular Guy in the School series:


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