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My Books

This beautiful image is the cover of my very first book to be published – ever!


Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover is the first book of a trilogy under the umbrella title of The Most Popular Guy in the School.  Published on July 15, 2012, Book 1 is the story of two teenage guys living in rural America.  One is shy, quiet and reserved. His name is Mark.  His number one mission in life is to emulate the mighty turtle and keep low to the ground where no one will see him and he will not be a target for anything bad.

The other guy, Bill, is the exact opposite of Mark in many ways.  While Mark is quiet and reserved, Bill is outgoing and gregarious.  In fact, Bill is so well loved that he is widely regarded as the most popular guy in the school. You might say, “Yeah.  So what?  It’s been done a million times.”  But not like I’ve done.

What would happen if the guy most likely to be the bully is the one who is bullied, and the one most likely to be bullied is the one who has to come to the first guy’s rescue?

If you haven’t bought your copy of this book yet, please do so.  I wrote it for you.

Book 2 in the series entitled Go West, Young Man was released on August 14, 2012.

The final book in the trilogy entitled A Star is Born was published on September 15, 2012.


After taking a break, my latest young adult novel, Caught, was published by Harmony Ink Press on December 11, 2014.