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Caught in the Middle




I had not originally intended to write another book with these characters after Caught.  That original book wrote itself and just took me along for the ride. When it was finished and submitted, the characters wouldn’t stop talking.  They kept nudging me to write something more. They kept reminding me that there were a lot of loose ends left at the end of the first book.  So I went back to the laptop and started to write — or, more accurately, I listened to the Muse and wrote what I was told to.  Again, the characters were vigorously telling me their tales and I worked hard to keep up with them.

For me, Caught in the Middle is a tougher story because the stakes are raised so high in this book and Adam’s life is permanently altered in ways he never anticipated, and certainly didn’t want. It is a bit darker in places, but deals with some very real issues about what happens when two different people, one straight woman and one gay man, both want the same man.  This age old struggle is the story of Caught in the Middle.

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